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Lobster Meal

Lobster Meal

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Coast of Maine
Lobster Meal (6-2-0) with 8% calcium
  • Approved for organic growers OMRI
  • Rich in calcium and chitin to promote disease resistance
  • Promotes strong stems and healthy cell wall growth 

OMRI Listed, Coast of Maine’s Lobster Meal Organic Plant Food is a unique single-ingredient fertilizer, high in both natural nitrogen and calcium to help promote strong stem growth, healthy green foliage and a vigorous root system. Made of 100% ground, dehydrated lobster (with some crab shell, a by-catch of the lobster harvest), it is ideal for fertilizing outdoor container gardens, vegetable and herb gardens and flower beds. The chitin in the lobster meal helps prevent blossom end rot in tomatoes, eggplants and peppers.  It has been found to be beneficial for squash, cucumbers, beans, carrots and lettuce.  Use it on all of your gardens for great results!

Available in 4lb bags.



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