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The Bloomery LLC

Golden Acre Cabbage

Golden Acre Cabbage

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UDSA Certified Organic. 

A refined, open-pollinated cabbage with round green heads encasing beautiful, tender white hearts.

Plants mature early and are compact, perfect for dense plantings with tighter spacing while still producing good yields of marketable heads. Heads are round, solid, and have a delicate, crunchy flavor that is suitable for most kitchen preparations. When cooked, the spicy cabbage flavor becomes mild and buttery. An excellent OP for the serious cabbage grower.

  • Early fresh market
  • Compact habit
  • 3-4 lb heads
  • Open-Pollinated

Each plant is started from certified organic seeds and grown organically at The Bloomery, LLC where it is USDA Certified Organic through the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Each plant is grown in a 3-inch square pot and shipped in a plastic shell that holds your plant securely in place.

Plant Spacing:

  • for fresh market 10-18”; for storage and processing 18-24”

Row Spacing:

  • for fresh market 12-18", for storage and processing 18-34”


  • Cabbage is mature when the tight outer leaf of the head begins to fold back on itself.
  • Cut heads flat on underside.


  • Cabbage is best stored at 32°F, with high humidity and good air circulation. Green, actively growing, disease-free heads keep best.


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