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BONIDE Stink Bug Trap

BONIDE Stink Bug Trap

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Stop These Foul-Smelling Home Invaders In Their Tracks

 3 Traps, 1 Lure

The BONIDE Stink Bug Trap can help you in your Stink Bug struggles by luring them away and trapping them before they get into your house, garden or other vulnerable area. If they have already invaded, this trap can get them out of their hiding places. It consists of an odorless pheromone lure and super-sticky glue panels. This simple combination draws them in and traps them hopelessly in the glue. When the trap becomes full of insects, remove the lure and place it on a new trap. It's all you need for no-fuss Stink Bug control.

Key Features:

  • The lure will attract up to 50 ft.; temperature, wind direction and population density can affect this.
  • The lure will last up to 4 weeks; it has a controlled release dispenser that allows the pheromone to dispense steadily over a 28 day period.
  • Traps are effective indoors and outdoors.

The best tactic that homeowners can use to fight Stink Bugs is exclusion; to keep them from getting inside the home all together. Since Stink Bugs are about the size of a dime and can gain access to a home in the smallest of cracks and crevices, it pays to closely examine the exterior of the home. Common entry points include spaces around air conditioning units, attic and chimney areas, door and window frames and gaps or holes in the foundation. Installing weather stripping and door sweeps, replacing or adding screens and using caulk to fill in holes are all effective ways to limit entry.


Suggested Uses:

Use indoors or out to attract and catch Brown Marmorated and Green Stink Bugs.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: BONIDE Stink Bug Traps will lure and trap the following species of stink bugs: Brown Marmorated (Halyomorpha halys), and Green (Acrosternum hilare).


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