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Belstar F1 Broccoli

Belstar F1 Broccoli

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USDA Certified Organic. 

A versatile broccoli with excellent heat and cold tolerance and uniform, rounded heads.

Great choice for spring, summer and fall plantings with excellent vigor. Plants are compact and produce small to medium-sized heads within a 10-14-day harvest window. Domes span 6-8" and average 1.5 lbs. Plants have been known to survive 20-degree temperatures with proper frost protection and care. 

  • Compact habit
  • Heat tolerant
  • 6-8" heads
  • Hybrid

Disease Resistance Details
High Resistance: Fusarium Yellows
Intermediate Resistance: Black Rot, White Rust

    Each plant is started from certified organic seeds and grown organically at The Bloomery, LLC where it is USDA Certified Organic through the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Each plant is grown in a 3-inch square pot and shipped in a plastic shell that holds your plant securely in place.

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    Other Considerations

    Broccoli is shallow rooted. Be careful with even shallow cultivation.


    Broccoli heads should be harvested while the heads are still tight. Check fields every 2-3 days since once heads have loosened, quality is quickly compromised. After the main head is harvested, some varieties produce side shoots with smaller heads. Regular harvesting of side shoots will encourage further growth. Cool broccoli immediately after harvest to retain quality.


    Store at 32°F for 1-2 weeks.


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