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Adona F1 Cauliflower-3 Plant Pack

Adona F1 Cauliflower-3 Plant Pack

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UDSA Certified Organic.  Strong, beautiful, compact heads are high-quality and dense with flavorful white curds. Growing to a size of about 5”, heads are well-protected with wrapper leaves that are good for tying or the “break, fold, and cover” method of blanching. Not only does this variety have a short harvest window, they are also tolerant of bacterial soft rot, as well as downy mildew. A great choice for either spring or fall crops.

Each plant is started from certified organic seeds and grown organically at The Bloomery, LLC where it is USDA Certified Organic through the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Each plant is grown in a 3-inch square pot and shipped in a plastic shell that holds your plant securely in place.

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Other Considerations

Heads will not develop well in hot or dry weather. Timing is critical.


Cauliflower heads should be harvested while curds are still tight. Check fields every 2-3 days. Cover developing heads or tie leaves together to protect heads from sunlight for blanched effect. Self-blanching varieties have tight leaf curl around heads so minimize need to cover. Harvest heads promptly when they are full size but still compact, white and smooth. Delaying harvest results in curds turning loose and ricey. Cool cauliflower immediately after harvest to retain quality.


Store at 32°F for 1-2 weeks.


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